The most popular types of dental prosthetics and implantation

In foreign countries, dental implantation is one of the methods of prosthetics and is used for more than 30 years. In the process of implantation, the titanium pin is installed in place of the removed tooth. During 4 – 6 months the implantable titanium “root” is merged with the bone tissue.

Upon completion of the splicing process, a special screw, called an abutment, acts as the basis for fixing the ceramic-ceramic crown, into the implant. A long period of implantation leads patients to solve their financial problems and difficulties, and the problem of how much a tooth implant costs, they will resolve during the implantation procedure.

The great demand for this type of prosthetics and the most popular among the population is due to a number of undeniable advantages in comparison with similar dental methods. The use of dental implantation allows to restore the natural function of chewing the patient, while slowing the processes of atrophy of bone tissue. Installed implants have a long service life, which can be several decades. The universality of dental implantation is the ability to restore a number of teeth, regardless of the location of implantation and any length.