The patient of our dentistry performed brilliantly on «Voice. Kids»

«My dad was from Uman and his family sang. And it was not just singing, but some kind of magic, she was fascinated and treated. I think that this gift to heal people, or somehow help them, I was also transferred to something. When I sing, people become much better and easier, for me it is real happiness. I came to this project so that I would be proud of my whole family, “Christina told her in a presentation on «Voice. Children 4».

13-year-old Kristina Zhukovsky dreamed of a big stage all her life. Even in the garden when the girl was very small, the music director noticed her ability to sing. And it was this woman who advised her parents to write down her daughter to a music circle so that she could develop her talent.

«There were no goals to act on «Golos», but there was a dream. Every time we came out of this project, we watched him with the whole family, worried about the children. And every time Kristina imagined herself on the stage, she said that she also wanted to try her forces: «And if I sang there, judges would turn to me, and whatever song I would sing there?», – dreamed a daughter. But our parents did not take this seriously, and it seemed to us that the daughter had not yet grown up before the project, there are already professional children. When we found the managers of «Voice» and offered to take part in the project, we agreed. And then everything was somehow twirled. We went to the casting and after a while called us and said that we are in Golos», – says Larisa Zhukovskaya, Christina’s mother.

Dmitry Monatyk and Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive deployed their armchairs to the girl, although the latter pressed the button after the performance of Christina. Our talented patient has chosen Monica. Now the singing cherkaschanka is preparing for the next stage: Batlams. And we believe that we will soon see it in “live aether”.

In «Modern Family Dentistry» the whole family of a girl is treated. «Christine was seven years old when we first got to Tamara Ahramchuk. And already for six years, whatever we have questions about the teeth, we only turn to this doctor. Tamara Vyacheslavovna is very close in spirit, we like it very much and we are walking around her everywhere. Wherever she is, we try to be with her. She skillfully approached the treatment of her daughter’s bite, found her approach to the child. We are very very grateful to Tamara Ahramchuk. And we are very, very happy with her work», – says the mother of the girl.

We are proud of our patients. We like to make people beautiful, confident and happy!