«Toothed» fashion. The smile also has trends

Fashion covers all areas of life – from the most relevant styles of skirts to the most popular entertainment and professions. Original trends often become business cards of a generation or country. The trends didn’t pass the field of dentistry as well. We suggest you to find out about the most interesting and unusual whims of fashionistas regarding the oral cavity.

1.​ Jewelery

Fashion for inlaying into the incisors of precious stones was introduced by the legendary front-man of the British group «The Rolling Stones» Mick Jagger. The man first decorated the tooth with an emerald, but later replaced it with a real diamond. The idea was picked up by Madonna, and then on it dozens of stars. The real peak of fashion for such decoration fell on the 2000s, but modern fashionistas also do not mind giving the image such a brilliant zest.

2.​ «Vampire» teeth

Japan has long been known as a trendsetter of strange fashion vibes, one of them – the artificial growth of incisors to create the effect of a smile of the real daughter of Dracula. The procedure is popular among young women, besides, according to Japanese men, such a stroke makes a girl look like a teenage child, which is the main standard of beauty in the country.

3.​ A non-ideal smile

Another unusual Japanese trend is a deliberate distortion of teeth. Young girls are offered a special dental service to increase the incisors, so that they perform significantly on the entire dentition. According to the Japanese, the girl looks like a kitten with such a smile, and the appearance itself becomes more sweet and natural. What can I say, «east is a delicate matter».

4.​ Gold-toothed insanity

A few years ago, thanks to American hip-hop culture, it was fashionable to «equip» teeth with gold crowns. This trend is still rooted in the CIS space, so meeting in Ukraine a person with a truly golden smile is not a curiosity. According to style experts, this trend has already gone into oblivion, so naturalness is better in everything.