TOP – 10 habits that destroy the swell

«Do not bite your nails!», «Do not take mucks in your mouth!», «Do not lick your fingers» we often yell at children for bad habits. But it’s not better! Some of our actions have already become so familiar that it is difficult for us to imagine, that they are somehow incorrect, and even more dangerous. There are a number of bad habits that destroy tooth enamel, injure teeth and gums, and lead to tooth loss.

Bad habits that harm the teeth

Do not smoke! Nicotine negatively affects not only the teeth, but also the entire body as a whole. During smoking, cigarette smoke emits toxins that fill the mouth. Microbes and bacteria settle on the teeth and form a plaque. It has a yellowish tinge, but those who smoke often and long raid acquire a gray or even black color. Over time, the dental deposits harden and form tartar. Independently at home, you can not free the teeth from the stone, you need to write to the doctor for professional cleaning. Teeth from smokers are often exposed to such diseases as: gingivitis and periodontitis, teeth affects caries. Unpleasant smell from the mouth is also a consequence of smoking.

Do not gnaw your nails! The reason that people gnaw nails is the stressful condition of the body. But it’s a bad habit, and you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Dirt and bacteria accumulate on the hands and under the fingernails. When a person gnaws nails these monsters get into the mouth and provoke inflammation and various infectious diseases. And also this harmful habit can lead to microcracks on the front teeth.

Pytaytes right! The terrible food enemies of our teeth are foods that contain a lot of sugar. They cause the appearance of plaque on the enamel, which after a while it destroys. Sweet carbonated drinks also have a negative effect on enamel. They contain sweeteners, which are three times sweeter than sugar. In citrus is a large acid content that spoils the enamel. To such fruits belong – oranges, greyfruit, lemons and bananas. If you can not imagine your life without sweet, “soda” and oranges – then after taking such food, rinse your mouth with a special solution, and better brush your teeth.

Less coffee and tea! These drinks contain caffeine, which dries the mouth and provokes the rapid appearance of caries. A substance tannin (it is a lot of tea) leads to a darkening of the enamel and the appearance of yellow spots on the teeth.

Do not use your teeth as tools! Do not open bottles with your teeth, do not open chips, do not blast nuts, do not remove price tags from clothes. Such habits will lead to the appearance of cracks in the enamel or the destruction of the tooth – it can split a piece, or it may break.

Do not gnaw the seeds with your teeth! The teeth with which you are gnawing seeds change shape, and also appearance. This creates a cosmetic defect. One small seed can cause the chipping of a piece of tooth or even its breakage. It is better not to risk it, and cleanse the seeds with your hands.

Do not keep foreign objects in your mouth! Some people have a habit: hold something in your mouth while your hands are busy. A paper, pen or pencil will not cause significant damage to your teeth. But on these subjects there is a large number of bacteria that can get into the mouth. In general, this habit is unhygienic and ugly.

Do not abuse toothpicks! Toothpicks are too thick in volume, so they will not be able to thoroughly clean the dental spaces. The sharp tip of the toothpick can injure the gum. Therefore, to prevent such trouble, it is better to use dental floss.

Clean teeth properly! Neobhodimo teeth cleaned twice a day – after bedtime and zavtraka. Not yspolzuyte schetku s Very zhestkoy schetynoy, And not nazhymayte were hard on the teeth. This Could travmyrovat enamel and gums.

Fight with bruxism! Bruxism is the contraction of chewing muscles in a dream that a person can not control. The consequences of this habit – the wear of enamel, the formation of microcracks, the destruction of teeth. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a bad habit – immediately consult a doctor, because it’s impossible to cope with it.

Abandoning bad habits will not only keep your teeth healthy, but will also facilitate everyday life. But if you have problems with teeth or gums – contact! We will do everything possible and impossible that you will be happy and beautiful!