Top 5 Interesting Facts About Teeth

Teeth are the organ of a human, with which we chop food, can speak clearly, and our oral cavity has an aesthetic appearance. We also know that they need to be cleaned regularly, flossed and from time to time checked by the dentist to cure oral diseases or prevent them. We offer you to learn some surprising facts about teeth, which you haven’t heard before.

1.​ The strongest in our body

Since the teeth aren’t able to recover, it is not surprising that they are formed from the strongest tissue of the human body. The main secret of such endurance is an enamel, which is strong enough to compete even with some types of steel. The scientists haven’t been able to invent a substance that would have had such incredible properties yet: while artificial crowns are able to endure only 15 years of operation, “real” teeth will withstand all 60 if they are looked after properly!

2.​ The storage of calcium

Since childhood we have heard about the benefits of calcium for bones, but very few people know that 99% of this substance is in the teeth. Therefore, for example, pregnant women sometimes have their teeth spoiled, as the baby «takes» these stocks to form his own bones.

3. Hollywood smile – a sign of dental health?

There’s a stereotype that has settled long ago, that the ideal enamel should be white like snow. German scientists can argue with this statement, because they’ve proved that each person’s teeth have their own unique healthy hue. Moreover, the color of each enamel is as unique as the shade of the skin or fingerprints. Therefore, if you are not one of the rare people who can boast of a natural snow-white enamel, then this is not a reason to worry or be upset.

4.With teeth from birth

Sometimes babies from the very beginning of their lives have milk teeth. They are usually located on the lower jaw and have very weak roots. Such a case is rather unique than usual, and such teeth are usually removed so as not to damage the mother’s breast during the feeding of the child. By the way, historians attribute the congenital «toothy» to many famous personalities, in particular to Napoleon and Gaius Julius Caesar.

5. Brushing your teeth – losing weight

Japanese scientists have proved that people who are used to brush their teeth three times a day are much less likely not to suffer from obesity. But those inclined to the superfluous set are considered a real feat to take once a day for a brush and paste. The scientists made such conclusions after asking 14 000 citizens of Japan, so, who knows, maybe oral care will be a new trend among those who lose weight?