TOP-7 products of «destroyers» of teeth

At times, we do not even think about what foods we use and how they affect the health of our teeth. It seemed that nothing would happen from one glass of gas baths or a few sweet lollipops. At times, the minute weakness grows into a bad habit. We offer the top 7 products that already destroy your teeth.


The temperature drop causes destruction of the enamel, which also leads to the appearance of the bacteria in the formed cracks. The even greater danger is to combine hot and cold food, so think three times before taking the ice cream with freshly cooked latte.


Although these natural sweets are not as dangerous as candies and cakes, they have an unpleasant tendency to stick to the teeth. Therefore, it should be taken as a habit to always carefully clean the teeth after a portion of your favourite prune or dried apricots.


Who would have thought, but different buns, pasta, white bread and potatoes (especially fried) destroy our teeth. The reason for their harmfulness can be understood after remembering the school chemistry course: the part of these products is starch. Under the influence of saliva, it instantly decomposes, forming glucose, and everyone knows about the effect of sugar on the tooth enamel.


A huge amount of healthy oil contained in seeds forms harmful substances after roasting. In addition, most people gnaw seeds with anterior teeth, and this process destroys the enamel. Moreover, if you do this regularly, then a piece of tooth can split off.


Everyone knows that this substance causes dehydration of the body, but, in addition, it leads to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals (including calcium). Therefore, it makes sense to replace the morning coffee or tea with a drink made of healthy chicory.


One of the most unobvious pest products is raw fruit. Sucrose and fruit acids that they consist also destroy teeth, so excessive amount of your favourite pears or apples can lead to the destruction of teeth. There is a way out – to know the extent of their consumption, even though in a blessed for natural delicacies summer season.


Sweet liqueurs and wines are as dangerous as soda, which is another reason to reduce their consumption. If you’ve decided to drink, it is better to dilute the drink not with juice, but with water and don’t forget to rinse the mouth after another party.

And we advise you to carefully look after your teeth: do not forget to clean them and visit the dentist at least twice a year. And if you still have problems with the teeth – we are waiting for you to consult our doctors. Our specialists will do everything possible and impossible for you to be healthy and happy!