TOP-7 products that are enemies of the caries

Sweet, sour, coloring and carbonated drinks – harmful to your teeth You just read: it is impossible, or it is harmful! And we want to calm you down! And we offer a list of products that are not only tasty but also very useful! These products not only prevent the appearance of caries on your teeth, but also actively fight it!

The main elements that are fighters with caries are fluoride, calcium, vitamins of the group D. Products containing these particles will qualitatively help ensuring the strength of the teeth and their normal growth. So, refill the refrigerator with the following products to keep your teeth healthy:

 1. Sour-milk products (sour cream, cottage cheese, yoghurts, butter, cream, etc.). They are not only rich in useful micronutrients, they eliminate bad breath, stimulate the production of saliva and strengthen the enamel, but, moreover, they are simply a delicious addition to your table.

2. Solid fresh vegetables and fruits are a beautiful side dish that provides not only the tone and energy for the whole day, but also the beauty of your smile. Apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers, and cabbage clean the enamel from the unpleasant plaque and food residues.

3. As the main course, the ideal option is seafood. Suitable sea bass, calamari, oysters, flounder, mackerel, moss, mullet. If you are tired of the seafood, try useful liver (pork or beef) which is not less healthy.

4. Nuts (especially almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts) are very useful, but one should remember that it is unacceptable to disassemble them with your jaw. This will only provoke the appearance of caries and spoil your enamel.

5. Various berries of red, purple and blue are a real treasure, since they contain bioflavonoids – substances similar to vitamins, which prevent the appearance of bacterial film on the teeth.

 6. Cereals, whole-grain products and cuts help producing saliva, which is a natural cleanser of the oral cavity. In addition, they contain special antioxidants that save teeth from destruction.

 7. As it turned out, garlic not only adds the necessary acuity and spicy flavour to any dish, but also effectively destroys caries. It is a natural antiseptic, therefore it neutralizes pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity.

We wish you to eat delicious and useful! Healthy teeth and a shining smile!