Types of the most popular and popular dental services

One of the popular services in the market of dental procedures is tooth whitening. Currently, a large number of methods for teeth whitening are developed and applied, the choice of which is determined by the dentist, depending on the degree of bleaching, the location and nature of the procedure.

Teeth whitening air flow represents the safest method for performing the procedure for removing deposits on tooth enamel, and also characterized by transience of the service. At the heart of the technology used is the removal from the tooth surface of deposits, all kinds of bacteria and plaque, which leads to a discoloration of the teeth to a yellowish or brownish hue. After removing from the enamel of foreign elements, the color of the teeth is restored to the original shade, giving the smile a natural whiteness.

The procedure of teeth whitening is carried out with the use of a special device which under high pressure delivers a therapeutic mixture consisting of sodium bicarbonate and air components to the tooth surface. This technology allows you to eliminate all components on the teeth painlessly and quickly enough.

Teeth bleaching air flow allows you to level the surface of the tooth, performing the function of grinding the enamel. To fix the whitening effect, the surface of the enamel is covered with a special lacquer with increased protective properties. The duration of the procedure takes about 30 minutes, and the effectiveness of the procedure is visible from the end of the procedure.