Water and its effect on teeth

We take care of our diet, get rid of bad habits, carefully choose whitening pastes and quality toothbrushes. And all this – to have a healthy Hollywood smile. But sometimes we forget about the most important thing – the quality of water that we use. It is this component that causes diseases of the teeth and the whole organism. Here is a list of mineral substances, the absence of which, or vice versa, a large content will negatively affect our health.


Lack of calcium negatively affects the enamel. It softens and actually loses its main function – ability to protect the teeth. This substance is actually vitally necessary, but it can be dangerous in large quantities, as it causes arthritis and arthrosis (deposition of salts). So, water must necessarily be saturated with calcium to be healthy.


This substance is involved in energy metabolism and bone formation, regulates the work of nerve tissues. If magnesium is not enough in the body, it leads to a number of problems with the heart, breathing and digestion. If this substance is contained in too large amount in water it also has negative consequences, since the element displaces calcium in the bones and destroys the teeth from the inside.


Though the element is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, but too much of its content has a detrimental effect on the teeth. For example, if the water is saturated with iron, then it acquires a specific yellowish tint. If you use such water daily, your teeth will also have an unhealthy yellow color.

The hardness of water is determined by the presence of these elements in its composition and depends on your place of residence. If you live in a place where a certain element is lacking in water, this lack can be replaced by consuming products that contain this substance. For example, if the water is too soft and it has little amount of calcium, then you should eat more dairy products, fish and greens. By the way, it is not recommended to drink boiled water, since all the useful salts contained in it settle on the walls of the kettle.

Take care of your teeth and do not forget that the good, rich in useful minerals, water is a key to the beauty and health of the oral cavity.