What brackets are better to choose for treatment? (Review of modern bracket systems)

Smooth teeth are not only beautiful, but also healthy. Incorrect bite leads to many problems: gum disease, permanent caries, deformities of the face and even intestinal diseases. To align the teeth best with braces.

The bracket system is an unchanging arc, on which braces are fastened. The arc presses on the brackets: corrects the wrong position of the tooth and returns it to the right place. To treat an incorrect bite with the help of bracket systems it is possible for both adults and children. Children can put braces not earlier than from 12 years, otherwise you can damage immature enamel.

Indications for the treatment of the bracket:

  1. Bite pathologies: deep or cross bite, uneven row of teeth and the like.
  2. Dense teeth.
  3. Disproportion of jaws.
  4. Dystopia of the teeth. When in the dentition a few teeth are twisted, or have an incorrect position.
  5. Diastems, which are also called “shattering” – the spaces between the teeth.

Types of brackets:

Today, there is a large number of bracket systems: for every taste and purse. The orthodontist will advise you exactly those braces that will suit you best, but the final choice is always yours. You choose from what material your braces will be, and what they will look like according to your preferences and finances.

By the method of fixing arcs, brackets are divided into:

  • Ligature, based on the ligature – a metal arc, which is inserted into the lock braces. Locks are attached to the teeth with special glue.
  • Self-ligating (ligature-free), a bracket is already mounted in the bracket plate, so there are no ligatures here. Latches on such bracket systems are small, so these orthodontic designs have a more aesthetic appearance than conventional ligature ones.

By the method of placement on the teeth:

  • Lingual – these are those that fix on the inside of the teeth. They are absolutely invisible to others.
  • Vestibular – fix on the outer surface of the teeth.

By type of material:

  • Metal – the cheapest bracket system, which is made of metal. The surface of these braces is very smooth, which speeds up the process of moving the teeth. With these braces it is not difficult to conduct daily hygiene of the oral cavity, they are reliable and most effective. However, they are very noticeable on the teeth.
  • Ceramic – made of high-tech glass. They are strong and have a good aesthetic appearance. The color of brackets is similar to the color of teeth, so they are almost invisible to others. These braces are very comfortable and do not cause any discomfort to their owner.
  • Sapphire – made of single crystals of artificial sapphires. They are almost invisible, have a good fixation and do not change color. The patient quickly gets used to the sapphire braces. They are very convenient, perfect and guarantee a qualitative result of treatment.

The stages of treatment of an abnormal bite by bracket systems:

An incorrect bite can not be treated for one or more visits to the dentist. This process is lengthy, which has several stages:

1. Consultation and examination with an orthodontist. The doctor determines the diagnosis and, together with you, selects the kind of braces you need.

2. Detailed examination, tomography, imaging and orthodontic design.

3. Fixation of braces on the teeth.

4. Stage of treatment. The patient should wear braces for an average of two years. They can not be removed – neither during meals, nor during the care of the oral cavity or sleep. Monthly it is necessary to visit your doctor, every 3 months the patient should do professional dentistry in dentistry. Also, during the entire period of carrying the braces, it is necessary for their proprietor to carry out daily hygiene of the oral cavity thoroughly: it is necessary to allocate a little more time for cleaning the teeth than usual. Also, you need to limit yourself to eating a little: do not use cold, hot, acidic, hard and sticky foods.

5. Withdrawal of brackets. The procedure is absolutely painless. But it’s important to remember that only the doctor should do all the manipulations with the braces! In any case, you can not fix something there, change it or take it off yourself!

6. For the fixation of the achieved result, the patient should wear removable covers or non-removable containers for some time. This is to ensure that the teeth do not return to their previous position.

In the «Suchasnii Simeinii Stomatology», bite is treated with modern braces and apparatuses. They are quality and accurate – you will not even notice how to finish the course of treatment. And then you will smile for a long time with beautiful and even teeth!