What most attracts men to women?

It so happened that the female representatives are convinced that in order to please the men it is enough to attend the gym! After all, there is a myth that when meeting men first of all pay attention to the decollete zone and other equally interesting parts of the female body. Another category of girls and women who love sweets after 18:00 argue that the main thing in a woman is the eyes and the soul. But it turns out not to draw men’s attention first!

Famous American dating site Match.com conducted an interesting survey, which was attended by 5000 single men. The men were offered a list of the top 10 things that they pay attention to when they meet and communicate with the opposite sex. 58% of respondents said that it’s … teeth! 51% of men said that the hairstyle and hair of a woman are important for them. In third place (45%) – style and clothing.

Another confirmation that men are not indifferent to your teeth are comments asking for help on the forums. Guest: “I met a girl, she is very beautiful, slender, with her interesting to have a common theme, but she has very bad teeth, everything in the plaque and one tooth from the side is not, when talking is not noticeable, and when smiling you can see. How can she suggest that she take care of them? Can I give a certificate to the dentist? … “.

Dear girls and women, if you have problems with the teeth – do not delay the trip to the dentist for later. You deserve happiness! Do not give caries and dental plaque to be between you and your loved one.


Here are some tips on how to improve the state of your teeth and smiles:

1) Do not abuse “colored” drinks. Red wine, tea, coffee, cola – it paints your teeth in a dark color.

2) Brush the teeth at least twice a day – after breakfast and before bedtime. Use rinse aid and floss.

3) Color the lips with red lipsticks (cherry, berries, plum, wine) – on the background of red lips – the teeth will be white.

4) Visit the dentist regularly.

5) Use the bleaching procedure.

6) Apply to the dentist for professional dental cleaning.

7) If you have crooked teeth – align them with braces.

8) Fillings on the front teeth should be replaced by art restoration.