Why do foreigners choose «Suşasnu Semeyny Stomatology?»

Nikolay Semenenko has been living in Minnesota for about 20 years. Back in the 90s, the boy’s family left Ukraine for a better life. But every year Nikolai comes to Cherkasy to visit his grandmothers. And this summer also for the sake of teeth treatment. He says that friends from Ukraine advised him «Suhsanu Semeynu Stomatology» as the best clinic that exists in Cherkassy.

«The service is excellent, the staff is working at a professional level. It seems to me that their technologies and methods of treatment are exactly the same as we have in Minnesota. But for the money for which I can treat all my teeth in this clinic, we have only one or two,» says Nikolai, a resident of the United States.

According to Vladimir Akhramchuk, the chief doctor of «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii», many foreigners are treated at the clinic. This is mainly Ukrainians who have moved abroad to permanent residence, or those that are there on earnings. In summer, people from the US, Canada, England and Russia are half the patients of the clinic.

«People from other countries want to get treatment from us, because they know that the quality of the services provided is the same as abroad, or even better, but at times cheaper. We try to provide all our patients with coziness, we want them to receive support, quality treatment, so that in another country they feel at home», – says Vladimir Akhramchuk.

The head doctor of «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» together with his team provide foreign patients with not only treatment, but also everything necessary for a comfortable stay in Cherkassy. Therefore, for several years, the clinic has been fully supported by such patients: they are provided with transport, housing and even a cultural and entertainment program. For them, arrange tours around the city and the region. Patients «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» return home not only with healthy teeth, but also with a lot of emotions. The staff of the clinic assumes full responsibility for the rest of their patients: they organize leisure for foreigners, and for this purpose only the best translators, tour operators and guides are used.

Gary Johnson

Nikolay Semenenko

The constant patient of the clinic is Harry Johnson, a resident of Canada. As soon as he happens to be in Ukraine, he certainly signs up for an appointment with the doctors of the «Suсhasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii».

«This year I have already been to the clinic for five times! This is dentistry of the highest class. The staff is very friendly and polite. The doctor and the assistant made me feel calm and relaxed. The treatment here is professional, solid and up-to-date. I am very happy that I have treated here the root canals, received a qualitative examination, professional cleaning and restored two teeth. In the clinic, I received the best dental experience, which only when I had it. I do not speak Russian or Ukrainian, but the staff of the clinic and the doctor showed patience to me and helped in everything. Thank you to Allite for help with the translation. And Nikolai Nikolayevich is very diligent and a professional dentist! The best I’ve ever met. In a few weeks, I’ll be back to get additional services», – shares his impressions of Cherkassk dentistry Harry.

Another patient of dentistry is Devid Desjardе, a resident of Canada. A man does not have friends or relatives in Cherkasy. To treat a teeth in to it has advised the good girlfriend. “I received excellent service in the clinic, for which I am immensely grateful! Every dental worker is a professional in his field. I also have several friends who need to be referred for treatment in this dentistry. I’ll meet you in October», says Devid.

Vladimir Akhramchuk, the head physician of the clinic says that the whole team of dentistry loves both their Ukrainian and foreign patients. Almost the entire staff of the clinic is fluent in English, so there are no obstacles when working with foreigners. And the doctor pays attention to the fact that the clinic’s website also has an English version. This is done so that foreign visitors are also familiarized with the services and prices of the clinic, so that they know that for them the same conditions apply here as for the Ukrainians.