Why is it important not to save on toothpaste?

Often to the means of cleaning the oral cavity most people are careless. And when choosing a toothpaste or rinse, only two parameters are taken into account: the low price and the words of the advertising producers. Than it threatens – we suggest to learn.

Quality toothpaste = healthy teeth

The quality of the toothpaste depends on the protection of teeth from irritants, their appearance and strength. Therefore, this is the case when the mean, which saves on cleaning the oral cavity, pays twice. After a long use of cheap low-quality paste, the need for a visit to the dentist will not slow down.

 The main requirements for toothpastes:

they should have a curative-prophylactic and refreshing effect;

pleasant color, taste and appearance;

should polish and brush teeth.

Kinds of toothpastes:

hygienic (those that we usually use in everyday life);

therapeutic and preventive (which include special additives: vitamins, salts, trace elements, herbal infusions, etc.);

Fluorinated products. Effective are those pastes that contain 1-3 mg of fluoride per gram of the product. With the right concentration and high quality of the product, fluorides strengthen the enamel and destroy the “embryos” of caries.

 Main functions of toothpaste:

protect and strengthen enamel,

to destroy caries,

accelerate blood circulation in the gums,

disinfect and refresh the oral cavity.

If you treat negligently the choice of toothpastes, you can earn a “bouquet” of dental problems and an ugly yellow smile. Take care of your teeth! Use high quality teeth care products that will not only make them clean and durable, but also do not harm your health. Care and close attention – the main secret of beauty and health of the oral cavity for many years.