Without fear and hysterics. A child’s trip to the dentist

«I do not want!», «I will not!»very often our children are hysterical before going to the doctors. And above all – it’s our fault. A child who has never boo at a dentist and does not know what kind of doctor he is – he can not be afraid of it. Therefore, if the baby does not want to treat the teeth – this is the result of our incorrect preparation.

What to do to the baby without a fight, tears and hysterics visited the dentist?

Organize a child’s trip to the doctor. «Introduce» to the dental office. The child’s first visit to the dentist should be planned, after the eruption of 16-20 milk teeth. In advance, tell your dentist about your arrival. And the doctor will prepare and tell and show the little patient a lot of interesting things about the teeth.
If you have a daughter tell her a story about a tooth fairy that invited you to her kingdom. And that this fairy really wants to look at the teeth and give a gift. Tell me about your little son’s superhero. This is your imagination. Now there are a lot of cartoons and interesting fairy tales about teeth – so you can use them.
Never scare a child with a dentist! This will help you avoid many problems in the future. On the contrary, when you see the picture with the doctors, tell the children who they are and what they are doing.
Mom, do not be afraid of dentists! Your fear is transmitted to the child. Do not talk to your husband about your daughter or son, that you are afraid to lead them to the doctor, even if it seems to you that the kid still does not understand anything, or plays and does not listen to you. Do not drink valerian and do not make the trip to the dentist a special action. If it is difficult for you to cope with emotions, let the child to the doctor be taken by a dad or grandmother.
Do not kid yourself. Do not tell babies that the dentist will not do anything. The child should know where it is being led, and what will be done. Explain all the baby in its understandable language: “they will count the teeth,” “look at the tongue,” “brush your beautiful teeth with a brush.”
Play at home to the dentist and the patient. A bottle of water, cotton wool, tweezers – to help you. Knock on the tooth, wash with water, wipe with fleece, count the teeth, look at the tongue. And then sit in the armchair, open your mouth and let the child feel like a doctor.
Before going to the doctor do not say: «Do not be afraid», «It will not hurt», «It’s not scary at all.» A child can perceive these words without a particle of “no”, and subconsciously will be configured that it will be painful and scary.
Go to the doctor only when the baby is fed and satisfied.
Address to the good checked up doctor whom know personally, or to you acquaintances have advised. It is very important that the dentist likes your child, finds an approach to him and, most importantly, does not frighten him.
Drive the baby to the dentist more often, and for him it will be the usual regular procedure.
If you find a dentist that your child likes – do not try to change it. In the clinic, there must be a patient’s card, where all visits and problems are recorded. Your doctor will know the characteristics of the child, which will facilitate his work, and the child will be happy.

We are waiting for small patients in our clinic. In the «Suhasnyi Semeyniy Stomatologii» there is a wonderful children’s dentist who will surely like your child. We are sure that both you and your children will be satisfied with the quality of our services!